The Company

Founded in 2008, British Tutors is an award-winning, Hong Kong-based private tuition service run by a team of British staff. We arrange tailored one-on-one lessons with top British tutors in Hong Kong and Singapore and place full-time British tutors with families worldwide. Our tutors offer academic support to children and adults in a wide range of subjects. We are committed to providing outstanding quality and bespoke service ensuring the very best for each student.


The aim of British Tutors is to draw on the best of the UK education system to both enhance and complement schooling for international students. We go beyond the school curriculum to instil in our pupils a love of learning through reading, discussion and debate. We always strive to present our lessons in a fun and interesting way to engage students. Above all, we encourage them to think critically and to have both the confidence and skill to express their own ideas and opinions. With confidence comes a motivation to succeed and an improvement in results.

Tutors and subjects

Our native English speaking tutors are all dynamic and highly intelligent. They are experienced teachers who were themselves educated at top British schools and universities. They cover a range of subjects from history to science, Latin to critical thinking. We also offer a unique focus on English literature and language to promote high standards of English language competency. At a young age this encompasses learning to read with phonics, reading comprehension and creative writing. For older students and adults this includes practical criticism, the study of Shakespeare, grammar, structure and writing style.

Bespoke service

All lessons are tailored and British Tutors can cater to the demands of the most discerning of parents. We are flexible to changing schedules and locations, both in Hong Kong and internationally. Private tuition can take place in your home or your tutor's home.

British education

Our tutors all have access to our library of British teaching materials, bringing the best of British education to their students in Hong Kong and Singapore. As a company, we specialise in teaching children who are entering the British schooling system, to bridge the gap and ease the transition between the local system and that in the UK. We also offer tutorials on entrance exams and interviews for UK schools and universities.

Tutor and student
Student and tutor
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