Singapore School Entrance

Navigating your way through different education systems is not easy. Our expert team at British Tutors holds your hand throughout this process, from the point of contact through to your child's first day at their new school and beyond.

Our Singapore-based education consultants provide a huge amount of insider knowledge gleaned from years of experience and a network of invaluable relationships. They will ensure that you have all the information you need in order to make the best possible decisions for your family.

Services include:

  • Academic assessments
  • Singapore schools consultancy
  • Exam preparation
  • Interview skills and mock interviews
  • CAT4 practice and preparation

Singapore International Schools

Why Choose British Tutors?

At British Tutors we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience of education systems in Singapore, the UK and Hong Kong. Having worked with families both moving into Singapore schools from abroad, and current residents moving schools from within the city, British Tutors has experience of all aspects of this transition. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, our high academic standards, expert tutors and our use of the best materials and resources.

Once you become a British Tutors client, a dedicated team member will help advise and oversee the whole process of your child’s entrance to their new school in Singapore.

Guidance and Consultancy

The first stage is choosing the right school or schools to aim for. Our consultancy service helps parents to understand the scope of options available in order to identify the right choice for their individual child, to navigate the school application and admissions process and to plan a programme of academic preparation. We never forget that choosing the right school for your child is the first step to a successful education.

Academic Assessments

The British Tutors Academic Profiling Test is an industry leading assessment which we use to identify learning gaps, understand academic levels and to best advise parents on school choices. It is also an excellent tool to use as practice for other reasoning-based tests including the CAT4.

Suitable for all students aged between 7-16, it tests a student’s levels in English, Maths, verbal and numerical reasoning. Detailed reporting provides parents with an indicative CAT score for their child along with in-depth analysis of their academic strengths and weaknesses.

When combined with British Tutors’ experience and knowledge of the Singapore schools landscape, the report enables us to create a personalised strategy for school entrance in all areas, from school choice to exam preparation.

Interview and exam preparation

We will put a bespoke tuition programme together to ready your child for school tests and interview so they are ready to shine on assessment day.

Our tuition programmes are entirely bespoke and tailored towards the levels of your child, schools they are aiming for and the timeframe. They are flexible, adapting to changing needs as the process goes on and supporting your child throughout. Mock interviews and exams give all our students vital practice in both exam format and in delivering the material that they've learnt.


Schools we have prepared students for include

  • Tanglin Trust School
  • Dulwich College
  • Dover Court
  • UWC
  • Nexus

  • Singapore American School
  • Australian International School
  • Canadian International School
  • Marlborough College Malaysia

CAT4 testCAT4 Test: Everything you need to know

"Thank you for all the support and advice that you have provided during the admission process. Your constructive guidance and the help of the tutoring have enabled both our boys to sail through their exams and got to where they are now. "