Private Tuition

We offer private tuition at home by native British tutors based in Hong Kong and tutoring online. This is for students of all age groups and abilities in a wide range of subjects. We are also experts in preparing for UK school entrance exams.

Individual tuition

One-on-one tailored tuition can take place in your home, your office, your tutor's home or online. Each tutorial is specifically customised to meet the educational needs of the student as well as appealing to their particular interests and way of working.

The progress that can be made as a result of one-on-one tuition is astounding. The rapport that often develops between tutor and tutee can instil in the student a confidence in their own ability and an understanding of how to take academic initiative for themselves.

We assess each student's unique needs to enable us to connect the best tutor and teaching style with each client. British Tutors maintains an involvement with every student's progress and sends detailed monthly progress reports.

Group tuition

Small classes can be arranged for siblings or friends whose educational needs are similar.



  • Business English for adults
  • Critical thinking
  • Economics
  • English literature and language
  • Drama and public speaking
  • French
  • Geography
  • German
  • History and ancient history

  • Latin
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophy and ethics
  • Phonics
  • Pre-school
  • Religious studies
  • Sciences
  • Spanish
  • Verbal and non-verbal reasoning

Skills Development

English writing style and grammar
Essay structuring
Exam technique
Interview practice
UK school entrance
UK university interviews

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Our approach to teaching English

We specialise in teaching English to students of all ages, from pre-schoolers' first lessons to adults wanting to refine their language skills. Our unique syllabus, taught by native English speakers, draws together the very best books and teaching materials from the UK. We teach English as an academic subject, rather than simply as a second language, to promote the highest standards of English competency.

At a young age, lessons lay strong foundations through phonics, reading comprehension and creative writing. For older students they include vocabulary building, practical criticism, the study of Shakespeare, grammar, structure and writing style. Lessons will be tailored to each student's individual needs.


For young learners, our lessons are focussed on developing early skills in literacy and numeracy, including the study of phonics. We also work with students who are getting ready for the competitive interviews for Hong Kong schools, guiding them through both individual and group assessments.