Home Schooling

Our home schooling programmes offer an alternative to traditional school based learning. Lessons are taught in the English language using a British standard of teaching and all syllabi used are tailored to the needs and levels of the student. The programmes can be arranged on both a short or long-term basis, depending on the requirements of the family.

Home schooling is a philosophy of education that encompasses two disciplines. On the one hand it returns to a classical model of schooling with an emphasis on academic rigour and a broad curriculum. On the other hand, it takes advantage of a more relaxed environment and personal teacher interaction to develop the unique talents of the student. The result is students who enjoy learning and who are able to guide their own study. Learning becomes a continuous activity, not one associated purely with the classroom.

Bridging gaps between schools

For families in transition, British Tutors runs home schooling programmes to bridge the gap between schools. These can help students prepare for a new school, improve language skills or offer high quality schooling for short-term Hong Kong residents.

Private pre-schooling

For children under six, we offer an alternative to traditional school for small groups of siblings or friends. This private pre-schooling offers a chance for your child to thrive academically and provides the strongest possible foundation for their continued education.

Vacation tutors

Could your children benefit from a mentor as well as a teacher? We can arrange for a tutor from the UK (a specialist in subjects of your choice) to come and stay with your family in Hong Kong for a few weeks to offer intensive tuition and lead activities. This is especially beneficial for families considering UK boarding schools.