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Client Testimonials

"The breadth and depth of knowledge and subjects offered are unparallelled in Hong Kong. British Tutors act as teachers and, more importantly, mentors to our children."

Su Lee

"We have been using British Tutors' services for a while now and they have been absolutely fabulous and extremely helpful to us and our children. I find their teacher recommendations to be top notch and they suit all our requirements. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to find home tutors for young kids."

James Louey

"British Tutors offers an excellent tailor-made program for my son (10). From Latin to Shakespeare, grammar to history; the teacher can strike a perfect balance between work and fun which I greatly appreciate. I highly recommend their services to all parents looking for exceptional tutors."

Linda King

"The professionalism of the teachers from British Tutors is second to none in Hong Kong. I find that their systematic approach to teaching has been especially effective with my toddler children."

Sabrina Fung

"I am so so pleased with my children's progress in their lessons. Their tutor describes both their strengths and weaknesses perfectly. Thank you British Tutors!"

Sharie Ross

"My daughter (16) has shown great improvement in mastering the subjects after tuition with British Tutors. I am so grateful for their help and excellent work. I would unreservedly recommend British Tutors to anyone who needs tutoring services for their children."

Monica Lo

"Thanks to British Tutors for providing such stimulating English lessons for my son (7). He enjoys his lessons tremendously and always asks for longer periods."

Davina Sin

"I love the lesson plans, the variety, the amount of work covered during one lesson and the pace that the tutor sets during each lesson."

Bina Patel

"We are very happy with the tutor from British Tutors for our son (2.5 years old). The tutor is very professional, patient, creative and attentive to our son's needs. We are very pleased with his progress so far and would definitely recommend British Tutors to anyone."


"Amy from British Tutors not only improved Hugo's confidence and reading skills, she created a happy reading environment at home again. I could see the results but it wasn't until his first school report that I realised how much he had really improved. He's now one of the strongest readers in his class."

Jessica Meyers

"British Tutors was definitely helpful. They found me a qualified Law tutor who was able to give tips about my Law degree at a UK university as well as about writing in general. All this and more, carried out in a good, relaxing environment."

Geoffrey Fung

"We have been using British Tutors for our boy (6) and girl (4) and have found the tutors to be professional, yet very personable and fun. I am convinced that by using British Tutors, my children are more confident and are developing a love of reading, writing and arithmetic."

Dipti Chauhan

"British Tutors impressed us because they were responsible and each tutor provided very tailored teaching. These tutors have helped and improved my child's learning."

Francis Li

"Dominic is really enjoying his lessons and doesn't even really view them as lessons! The tutor understands him very well and her reports are so very thorough!"

Andrea Tien

"I really enjoy working with British Tutors for the kids as I feel I am getting good support."

Mrs. Sin

"Isaac is doing very well and making delightful progress every day. Thanks to his British Tutors, he is extremely confident in speaking English now."

Clara Yung

"I am happy about the English lessons they planned for my son (12). They tailor-made the lessons according to the child's ability. My son's English writing has improved a lot since we got the tutor for 6 months."

Marina Chan

"Our sons (6 and 8) were taught by British Tutors for a month over the summer. We got a great teacher. Every time she came, the boys were looking forward to seeing her. We like her approach to learning - a perfect mix of serious teaching (reading/writing) followed by playful games, and things that were just fun to do."

Ellen Blom

"Thank you for the great service, the objective was achieved, Hugo got three offers from public schools and he has chosen Marlborough."

Mrs A