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24 November 2021

Learning about Hong Kong’s textile industrial history in Tsuen Wan 🧵We love learning about history in the field, and Hong Kong has lots of great places to help children discover the history of where they live!

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19 November 2021

Certainly something to think about! We love seeing our students unique perspectives and interpretations of different stories ✨

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13 November 2021

Time for one more Halloween piece! Check out Adrian’s story and drawings of Tommy the ghost cat 👻🐈‍⬛ Swipe right to see the whole image!

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5 November 2021

Halloween is over, but we still have a couple of lovely pieces about ghosts we’d love to share! 👻 Here is Olivia’s amazing graphic short story about The Ghost of Bob’s Burgers ✨

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31 October 2021

Happy Halloween everyone! Here's Ghosty the Ghost, created by our wonderful student Hera. We hope you're all having a spooky weekend 👻

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27 October 2021

We can hardly argue with this! ✨

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22 October 2021

Oh! Look who we found while exploring Kampong Lorong Buangkok here in Singapore! Can anyone name this character? 🇸🇬

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22 October 2021

We couldn't agree more. We love combining academic subjects with other mediums to enhance understanding and build curiosity! 🐘

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14 October 2021

After two typhoons, we hope this is true in Hong Kong! We're looking forward to the many days of blue skies that normally characterise the end of the year ☀️ What are your plans for this weekend? 🐘

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11 October 2021

With one typhoon just passed, and another forecast to arrive soon, indoor activities are important at the moment. One of our tutors has been having fun learning Hong Kong's local language, Cantonese 🇭🇰 What is your favourite thing to do when you are stuck inside? 🌧

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1 September 2021

Looking to keep your children's brains active and inspired during hotel quarantine? British Tutors is proud to be offering bespoke quarantine tuition packages, wherever you are in the world! Each student will receive a pack of study materials and a handwritten welcome note 🐘🌏

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1 September 2021

There's never a bad time to reflect on the transformative power of education ✨🌏

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