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21 November 2022

We love this idea - building connections between school and the real-world is not only important, but also entertaining! ✨

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14 November 2022

This Movember, we’re proud to be supporting the Million Metre Men on their epic fundraising quest to row a million metres in a month! George is one of our fantastic tutors 🚣 Make sure to check out their account for more details and to find out how to donate!

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4 November 2022

Today is exactly 100 years since Tutankhamen’s tomb revealed its secrets! We’ve saved this lovely piece of work by one of our students, Percy, to share with you today ✨In a History-English lesson, he created a persuasive election poster. Which rhetorical devices can you spot?

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2 November 2022

Another special treat today courtesy of one of our wonderful students, Olivia. She wrote a lovely piece that describes Byron Bay, and her Hokusai-inspired drawing of a wave can be seen here too! We love her use of adjectives and the variety of images her writing conjures 🌊

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27 October 2022

Why is our elephant so happy? Why, a new insider advice article, of course! This one is on a very important topic: how to build and maintain a healthy routine for education and beyond ✨ Click the link in our bio to read it!

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18 October 2022

Yes! Reading is one of the best ways to broaden one’s horizons. Stay tuned for our next reel tomorrow for an exciting activity to help your children explore their imagination! ✨

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10 October 2022

What a coincidence! It’s National Space Week, and we spotted a little rocket taking off above Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour 🚀

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8 October 2022

A very interesting profile of Gordonstoun, the alma mater of Charles III 👑

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20 September 2022

Let your imagination run off to Jurassic Park by reading this lovely postcard from Max. Our students continue to inspire us with their creativity 🦖What is your favourite dinosaur?

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12 September 2022

It’s been a while, but it’s time for another Museum of the Month! This time, we visited the Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum in Sham Shui Po. It’s one of the oldest structures in Hong Kong, and definitely eye-opening in terms of Hong Kong’s ancient history 🇭🇰

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17 August 2022

We have another special treat for you today! Still within our theme of travel, the talented Joelle has written this wonderful poem about Thailand! Make sure to swipe across to read the whole thing ✍️🇹🇭

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25 July 2022

Time for a little writing challenge, and we’ve chosen one of our favourites! Choose a place - whether it’s the view from your window, or your favourite holiday destination - and describe it in 100 words or less. It’s more difficult than it sounds to write within the limit!

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