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17 August 2022

We have another special treat for you today! Still within our theme of travel, the talented Joelle has written this wonderful poem about Thailand! Make sure to swipe across to read the whole thing ✍️🇹🇭

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25 July 2022

Time for a little writing challenge, and we’ve chosen one of our favourites! Choose a place - whether it’s the view from your window, or your favourite holiday destination - and describe it in 100 words or less. It’s more difficult than it sounds to write within the limit!

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27 June 2022

Our June Museum of the Month is a hidden one! Tucked away in a housing estate in East Kowloon, there is a series of fascinating displays about Hong Kong’s geology. The whole are used to be a quarry, so it’s somewhat fitting! 🪨🇭🇰

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20 June 2022

There’s no doubt in our minds that education is exciting! That is why we work hard to make sure all of our bespoke classes are inspiring and engaging ✨

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15 June 2022

World Ocean Day was this week, and Hong Kong sure does have some beautiful sea views! It’s places like this that remind us of our responsibility to look after our oceans 🌊

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8 June 2022

We’re often asked for book suggestions for our students, so we compiled a reading list of all our favourites for different ages 📚Click the link in our bio to check it out!

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6 June 2022

We love a good mnemonic, especially in revision season! Here’s one we thought up to remember the taxonomic order. Here’s a challenge: can you think of an alternative one? ✨🧬

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6 June 2022

Learning how to revise is such a vital skill - particularly how to build habits that stick!

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23 May 2022

We might be a little bit biased, but we think our Insider Advice page is a treasure trove of useful information! We add to it regularly; click the link in our bio to see what it’s all about ✨

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18 May 2022

Today is International Museum Day! We’re extremely excited that Hong Kong museums are open again. Here’s one of our favourites: the Railway Museum in Tai Po. The museum is an excellent way to explore the history of railways in HK 🛤🇭🇰

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18 May 2022

What an exciting way to celebrate National Numeracy Day! We love ways of bringing Maths to life and helping children enjoy it 🔢

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9 May 2022

A riddle we spotted recently at a playground here in Hong Kong! Can anyone work out the answer? ✨

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