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3 September 2023

Exploring Singapore by bike is a great activity with kids! Can anyone work out where this photo was taken? 🇸🇬🚲

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31 August 2023

We’d like to congratulate our students on their exam results this year, and we hope they’ve had all had a lovely summer! 🎊

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9 August 2023

We love this! We’ve heard some strange questions in our time, but we love inspiring students to be curious and inquisitive

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27 July 2023

Photo sent to us by one of our students on their summer travels - what a lovely idea for a vending machine! 🙈

news item 5

20 July 2023

One of our students was keen to show us their family bookshelf! What are you currently reading? 📚

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15 June 2023

Some midweek inspiration for everyone! We love inspiring minds 🌿✨ Stay tuned for our next reel tomorrow!

news item 7

15 June 2023

Exciting update from us! We are partnering with Top Schools to offer exclusive school entrance preparation programmes! Contact us to find out more

news item 8

6 June 2023

Join us this Thursday as we discuss school entrance testing with Ruth Benny from Top Schools.

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