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14 May 2021

Our May author of the month is the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories: Arthur Conan Doyle! Did you know that he wrote 56 short stories and four novels containing Sherlock Holmes? Leave a comment below if you correctly guessed the author! πŸ“

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13 May 2021

One of our co-founders, Eleanor, discusses the benefits of private tuition: "We ensure that they have enough variety in their learning and activities with opportunity for active as well as passive learning. Students thrive from having someone to talk to and bounce ideas off." 🐘

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10 May 2021

One more clue before we reveal this month's author! One of our tutors spotted this unusual cloud about Shatin that really resembles this author's most famous character πŸ“

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10 May 2021

What do we look for when recruiting tutors? British Tutors' director, Yolanda, explains: "The best tutors are able to turn a subject which a student might be reluctant to study into something fun and approachable. Exceptional tutors understand that one size doesn’t fit all." 🐘

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6 May 2021

It's now May, which means it is time for another Author of the Month. This is probably our easiest clue yet! Can anyone work out who the author is? πŸ“

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4 May 2021

Happy May the Fourth - May the Fourth be with you! For Star Wars fans, here's something we've enjoyed today: an interesting crossover between Latin, Lego and a galaxy far, far away 🌌

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27 April 2021

Imagine hiking in HK and stumbling upon this scene! Can anyone identify which Shakespeare play this would be? πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ‡­πŸ‡°

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17 April 2021

A final Shakespeare quote for April. Although the most famous words from 'Julius Caesar' are probably "et tu, Brute?" we particularly like this quote. It is often interpreted as encouraging people to take control of their own destiny, and is certainly thought-provoking! 🌌

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16 April 2021

We've just added several new articles to our Insider Advice series! Click the link in the bio to learn more about our tutoring and UK education from experienced experts. We'll be adding even more in the coming weeks... stay tuned! ✨

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9 April 2021

Aside from creating numerous English words that are still commonplace today, Shakespeare is also remembered for countless creative turns of phrase that still resonate today, centuries after he first wrote them. This one is particularly poignant ✨

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4 April 2021

Happy Easter! We hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! πŸ’ (Pictured is the beautiful new mural outside the unopened To Kwa Wan MTR station in Hong Kong)

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3 April 2021

We cannot believe it's April already! A new month means a new author to celebrate as our Author of the Month; can anyone work out who this quote belong to? The answer will be revealed soon πŸ“

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