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23 June 2021

Hong Kong is full of fascinating physical geography! We love these panels at East Dam in Sai Kung that show all the different soil and rock types in Hong Kong. Have you been to any of these places? 🇭🇰🌏

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18 June 2021

One of the loveliest ideas we've seen recently: a mother-daughter book club! What book would you choose to read first? 📚

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13 June 2021

Thinking of relocating to the UK? British Tutors can help with the whole process, including choosing a school: "Through a combination of assessment, consultancy and tuition, we can give your children the best opportunities to thrive at some of the top UK schools." Link in bio! 🐘

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8 June 2021

What a lovely description of June! Can anyone spot the alliteration or the metaphor the author has used? 💐

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4 June 2021

Applying for UK schools can be seem daunting , but we are ready to help! Here, we've demystified the UKiset test, one of the key assessments students sit as part of the process 🐘

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3 June 2021

More maths in the real world! One of our tutors recently took the new ferry from Hung Hom to Central and spotted these tessellating hexagon benches at the pier ⛴ Can you name any other shapes that tesselate?

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29 May 2021

What a quote; life truly is a series of lessons. We love the spirit of this, and we love encouraging students to explore and remain curious about the world around them. Even as tutors, we too are always learning new things ✨

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28 May 2021

Another special treat for you today: a video of a miniature volcano created by two of our students in their science class. Experiments are always a highlight and help keep children curious about the world around them! 🌋

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26 May 2021

We have a special treat for you today! A wonderful Sherlock Holmes poem by one of our students, Ming, age 10. We particularly like the clever rhymes they have managed to include. Can anyone spot the use of alliteration too? Swipe right to read the whole poem 📝

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25 May 2021

One of our Latin tutors, Nathaniel, discusses modern-day Latin tuition: "The methods used in the Latin classroom have thankfully changed since the days of yore, where learning verb and noun endings by rote was often the order of the day." Click the link in our bio to read more!

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20 May 2021

A film that connects our May author of the month, Arthur Conan Doyle, and our beloved Hong Kong? Yes please! 🇭🇰

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19 May 2021

It's never been easy to move your family to a new country and, right now, it's harder than ever, but new opportunities, new careers, new homes and new schools are all still within reach and we can help!

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