UK schools consultancy: How a consultant can help you

Olivia Hungerford, UK Schools Consultant and Director of British Tutors, explains her role in students' academic pathways.

1. How can a UK schools consultant help me?

Fundamentally, a UK schools’ consultant helps families to navigate the entire process of applying to and being awarded a place at a top UK school.

They use their in-depth knowledge of the UK school landscape to support and advise families to make the best choice of school for their children. They will help the child reach their maximum potential academically while also taking into consideration the child’s interests, extra-curricular strengths and the pastoral environment which will suit their personality and needs best. It is a personal job which creates educational pathways for students in an entirely bespoke way.

2. At what stages should I speak to a consultant?

The best time to engage the services of a consultant is right at the beginning of your journey of thinking about moving your child to a school in the UK. This ensures that you set out on the right path from the start and that the consultant is available to advise on all stages of the process. However, at any stage a consultant will be able to help, whether this is in choosing between schools that have made an offer to your child, or deciding what to do if you’re child has not been accepted into the school of their choice. Consultants are accustomed to working with families whose needs and situations are all unique.

3. How will a consultant assess what is best for my child and family’s needs?

Typically, the first thing that a consultant will do is talk to you and learn as much as possible about your plans. This will take in all aspects of life: where you plan to live, siblings, family in the UK, interests of your child, further education ideas etc. The consultant will want to get the fullest picture possible to understand how best to tailor a plan that suits your needs. The next stage will be to assess your child academically. An assessment usually involves an interview and exam papers in English and maths. A thorough report will then be created which will inform both school choices and a preparation plan.

4. What sets British Tutors’ service apart?

Our consultancy is based on a long-term relationship with our tutees and covers all aspects of their social and academic development. We take into consideration the family’s circumstances, the tutee’s siblings, wider family relationships, the interests and passions of each child and how they represent themselves in every aspect of school life. The long-term happiness of each child is crucial to us and we feel proud of the achievements of all our students who we have guided through their educational journeys.

Some consultants earn commissions from schools for placing students. British Tutors acts with full impartiality and provides an entirely independent service. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a uniquely unbiased approach to each child’s school choices and plan.

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Olivia Hungerford

Olivia Hungerford is Co-Founder and Director of British Tutors. For fifteen years, she has specialised in preparing students and their families for UK school entrance. She has successfully guided her students to top schools including Winchester, Eton, St Mary's Calne and Cheltenham Ladies College.