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How to choose a school when relocating to the UK

Over the years, we have worked with many clients who have relocated with their families to the UK. For every family, this is a huge move with many aspects to consider and clarify, often the most complex of these is finding the right school for their children.

Think about location

The primary factor will be where in the UK you plan to be. If you are in London, there is a wealth of day school options to choose from as well as boarding for older pupils. In other cities and the countryside, good schools are more spread out and boarding options may be more of draw from age 8 and upwards.

Draw up a school wish list

Think about what is right for your family. The UK education system is complex and there is a lot to get your head around. Are you interested in the state school system or paying for private education? Within the state system there are free schools, church schools and grammar schools to consider. Then there are private/independent schools and boarding schools. Many schools, especially the high achieving ones, have demanding entrance tests.

Each school will have very different values and cultures. You should weigh up both practicalities and ethos and how they work for your individual child. Be realistic about your child’s academic level and look for a school where they will have room to grow but won’t be struggling to keep up.

Visit schools

We strongly recommend planning a trip to UK to visit a selection of potential schools and to compare the reality of the different environments for yourselves. Try to do this during term time when you can see the school full of life and have a chance to meet staff and pupils. Think about questions to ask such as "What changes has the Head made and what is their vision for the coming five years."

Seek guidance

At British Tutors, we can guide you through this from beginning to end - offering advice, guidance and support in navigating the journey for you and your children. Through a combination of assessment, consultancy and tuition, we can give your children the best opportunities to thrive at some of the top UK schools. Our expertise lies in helping international families make the transition into UK education.

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