More Exam Tips

Revising for exams can be tough and it is easy to fall into a bad routine. But it doesn’t have to be!

By following these simple yet effective S.T.E.P.S, you can organise yourself properly and make sure you are able to focus on making the most of the opportunity and achieving great results!


It’s important to work out how much material you have to revise and how time you have to do it in. Then, break it down into manageable chunks to create a revision schedule. Aim for a couple of hours a day and mix up the subjects so you don’t get bored.


There is nothing worse or more stressful than “revision cramming”, so make sure you get ahead. Familiarise yourself with your exam dates as soon as you can, to give you the time to get organised. More time means more opportunity to plan your revision, set up your study space and enjoy the process!


Studying for hours and hours without any breaks will only make your brain tired and unable to absorb any more information. So, it is important to take breaks to boost your energy. Exercise guarantees that your stress levels will reduce and pumps positive endorphins around the body. Making sure you are eating well is also a must. It will help feed the brain which is working so hard to revise.

Past papers

One of the best revision techniques is practising past papers in your subject. They help to familiarise you with the exam layout and types of questions as well as help you to perfect your time management for the different sections.


Getting good marks isn’t just about learning but how you look after yourself in the process. Getting a good night’s sleep ensures that you can process and absorb all the information you have acquired from the day.

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By Sarah Camilleri 2021