UK School Entrance

At British Tutors we offer a comprehensive academic programme to prepare our tutees and guide them through the application process for UK schools. From choosing the right school to navigating the interview and pre-tests, to preparing for the exams and then ensuring a smooth transition to the new school, we support our students and their families at all stages.

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Before beginning the school entrance process, we recommend booking your child in for an academic assessment. The assessment is performed by one of our UK school entrance specialists and includes both interview skills and academic papers. A detailed report is then prepared on each student and our team will run through our findings with you either in person or on the phone. The assessment is an important step in the preparation process. It enables us to look at your school choices and advise on which might be the right fit. It also allows us to see what areas we need to focus on in our preparation and how best to design our curriculum for each student.

Interview and exam preparation

Students applying for UK school entrance are required to attend interviews and sit exams, either Common Entrance at 11+ or 13+ or for preparatory schools at 7+ and 8+. British Tutors plans academic programmes to help prepare for these specific entrance tests. Working with our tutoring team in Hong Kong and our online tutors in the UK, we teach in the core subjects of English, maths and science and weave in other possible exam subjects such as Latin and French where required. Using past exam papers and insider knowledge from admissions offices, our specialist Common Entrance tutors plan and teach rigorous lessons with a high success rate.

Revision Courses

Our revision courses in English, Maths and Science are perfect for students preparing for upcoming 13+ exams. Click here for our next available courses.

Why Choose British Tutors?

We offer a British style of education in Hong Kong. Our tutorials follow the approach of the top schools in the UK with high academic standards and the best materials used. This can be a wonderful advantage both for British expatriates and for international families planning to send their children into the British schooling system. We can help bridge the academic gap and ease the transition between international systems and those in the UK.

Choosing a school in the UK

We can recommend good school placement agencies in Hong Kong and London to help you make the right choice. We will then work with you to ensure your child is suitably prepared for the schools you choose.


The Summer Academy

The Summer Academy

The Summer Academy at Sunningdale is a unique UK summer school. For two weeks each summer, we offer the chance for 8-13 year olds to experience the very best British boarding school experience, perfect for those thinking of UK schooling.

With quintessentially English surroundings, a high ratio of staff to students, low student numbers and an exceptional level of teaching, it is the leading UK programme of its kind.

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